Our Companies

Hi, we’re twin entrepreneurs Melissa Matthews (on the left) and Michele Matthews-Morancie (on the right).  We’re the owners of MAM Squared and decidedly taking the world and business by storm. Melissa is a fine artist, author, arts consultant (“artpreneur”), community arts development professional, creative facilitator, trainer and coach. Michele is a strategic communications consultant, nonprofit management maven, skilled facilitator and trainer.

Together, we’ve got 20 plus years (and an ever-growing amount) of varied experience. We own and operate several growing companies in diverse industries–the arts, communications/media, and retail–all linked by our passion and desire to inspire, engage and empower women like us.

And, you know what else? We’re pretty far from conventional; we don’t believe in offices, travel constantly and tend to work from everywhere and anywhere all in the name of making a difference in lives the world over!