Back to [Business] Basics: Make ‘Em Want More!

Introduction by: Michele A. Matthews, Co-owner of MAM Squared, LLC.

As business owners, it is easy to complicate and over-analyze our businesses, the choices we make and what makes our clients or customers tick. Sometimes we get so bogged down in this indepth analysis that we ultimately miss what’s right in front of our faces. As the managing director of mAmLtDaRt for just over nine years, my business partner (who I assume you know is also my twin sister) Melissa A. Matthews has become very savvy about just what is and what isn’t important or mission critical to making one’s business a success. In her blog—mAmLtDaRt’s Musings—over the years, she has posted about many of her insights on this topic. So, at the start of this and every week, we’re taking you “Back to [Business] Basics” by sharing one of her many still-timely and still-relevant posts about business growth and development. So without further ado, I present to you “Make ‘Em Want More…” first published on mAmLtDaRt’s Musings on April 19, 2013. It is all about how to get your clients or customers to crave what you have to offer.

“Make ‘Em Want More…”

By: Melissa A. Matthews, Co-owner of MAM Squared, LLC


So I was watching an AT&T commercial with a little girl talking about what it means to want more:

“Its like when your parents give you a little because there is only a little bit but you really like it. And when you really like something, you want more but there isn’t any more because there was only a little but we want more because we want more”

As funny as that commercial is and as cute as the little girl was, I mention this because the feeling of wanting something or “wanting more” is the same at any age. Longing for a product or service can very well be this intangible and inarticulate… you want it because you really like it and you just want more because its that good and you want more!

The question is how do you make people want more of what you’re making, producing, or selling? And not a logical necessarily “need more” (though you’ll take that as well), but an obsessive craving-like “want more?”

To be honest, there is no magic bullet to achieving that moreish quality. This is something that I’m struggling with and slowly getting there. Here are few tips that I have to remind myself of along my journey:

Be Genuine.

If you cooked it and don’t want seconds, don’t think for a second that anyone else will.

Make, produce, and/or sell something that is true. True to you and your brand. People can spot a lack of authenticity instantly and will—as if you were a used car salesman in a cheap suit—avoid you and your disingenuous attempt at success.

Pace Yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I have Earth-shatteringly-amazing ideas and sometimes I consider what it may be like to find the biggest soapbox and loudest bull horn, stand my lil’ 4’9” self up there and shout it for all and sundry to hear.  That’d be a big mistake. You know why? Because no one cares!

  • Secondly—don’t force a steak down anyone’s throat…new concepts and products are best served in tasty little bites think amuse bouche. Limit the amount of posts, their length and the information you supply about your new idea. Entice people to ask about it.

  • Thirdly— don’t be annoying. No one and I do mean NO ONE— not even your mom wants to read a diatribe, manifesto or soliloquy about your new idea. Best way to avoid this is to “twitterize” your 60-second commercial. If it’s longer than 140 characters, you have already lost us (your audience).

Build Trust.

Release your products one at a time and take your time between them. Let them marinate. Give your audience a chance to soak in your brand.

Endorsements, Reviews, & Partnerships.

A huge part of building trust is being endorsed, reviewed or partnered with brands that your target audience already trusts. Reach out to bloggers who service your audience, join forces with people and businesses that have similar values to those of your business. Make sure your product adds value to their agenda and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to cyber stalk potential partners (in a professional non-creepy way). Find possible commonalities and ways to relate via email, make dates to meet up, join professional networks on and offline.

←Melissa A. Matthews is author of the e-book, An Artpreneur’s Guide to Pigging Out and co-owner of MAM Squared LLC. Michele A. Matthews is the founder of Agitate Media and Co-owner of MAM Squared, LLC. →

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