Never Hope More Than You Work…

This week,  I read so many really inspiring stories about successful entrepreneurs including  that of a 13 year old wiz kid. These stories were great but one thing struck me, even as a somewhat seasoned business owner these stories can lull you into a false sense of reality; there is an element of luck and “the stars being aligned”.
As a new or aspiring entrepreneur who might be struggling to garner support for one’s business, I can only imagine  that it can seem like everyone but you is winning the  successful business lottery. And for some reason your lucky number just hasn’t come up! I mean if a 13 year old has cracked the code, just what are you doing wrong, right?
As hard as it maybe to admit, you might just be hoping more than you are working. Hope a45152_670958499622838_1876837059_n(1)nd faith can be your best friends when building a business because they allow you to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. However, reading too many entrepreneurial blogs, and business mags can make them your worst enemy. These things can put you in a state of wonder — a euphoria of sorts–about all that is possible and how you just have to wait your turn. What you can sometimes miss in this bubble of successful bliss, is that these people work everyday on their businesses.
Reading and waiting is not enough. Use that inspiration as motivation to spur your venture forward. Learn new techniques to build your business and try them.
What steps have you taken to put your hope into action this week?

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Melissa A. Matthews is author of the e-book, An Artpreneur’s Guide to Pigging Out and co-owner of MAM Squared, LLC.

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