Agitate Media

Agitating Social Change Through CapacitY Building, One Training/intervention at a Time!

Agitate Media is a capacity building and strategic communication firm that specialises in the development and facilitation of workshops and individual training sessions for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and small businesses.  With twenty plus years of combined experience between its chief agitators, Melissa Matthews and Michele Matthews-Morancie, the firm’s workshops run the gamut in topic area from strategic communications and relationship-building to board development and strategic fundraising, and a whole lot in-between.

The breadth of the facilitators’ experience coupled with a highly interactive training methodology means that no two Agitate Media programs/programmes are alike. Innovation and implementation are the firm’s key focuses; presenting concepts in new and innovative ways that are easy to understand and even easier to implement is the Agitate Media way!

Agitate Media takes on large scale communication and community engagement strategy projects for NGOs and small businesses locally, regionally and internationally as well.

Additionally, the company is always seeking opportunities to engage with civil society and small businesses through open dialogue and forums.

Putting in the work…

Being the change we want to see

Agitate Media is committed to giving NGOs and small businesses in communities the world over access to the opportunities and the skills they need to continue serving people who need their help. In order to accomplish that, we have recently developed an independent training series/course called Agitate Academy. Agitate Academy is open to all NGOs (not restricted based on the community you serve or the niche you fill within the civil society sector) and community-based small businesses; each session of the course will have one track for NGOs and one track for small businesses.

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, Agitate Academy is Agitate Media’s answer to accessible, affordable and meaningful training opportunities for any and every NGO or small business with the will to better their operations.


Speaking Out

Wherever we are in the world, Agitate Media also seeks to bring light and awareness to the struggles of  non-profit groups, NGOs and small businesses. Hence, the company’s agitators are actively seeking and accepting opportunities to speak openly and honestly about our work the world over. Whether it be at conferences, seminars, town hall meetings-big or small or in the media.

Developing programs/programmes in partnership

with other like-minded entities

Agitate Media has worked with a host of NGO, corporate and private partners to deliver capacity-building workshops to Trinidad and Tobago-based NGOs. The companies we have engaged and developed programmes for recently include:

T&T NGO Professionals Seminar 2015

UNDP GEF SGP Knowledge Fair 2015

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