MAM Limited Art


MAM Limited Art

MAM Limited Art has recently been restructured to better meet the needs of the MAM Squared woman. It is now made up of two distinct web based businesses that officially launched in July 2016: and These two entities evolved out of  a desire to make a bigger impact and the core belief of ALL of the work that we do at MAM Squared to empower, inspire, and engage the MAM woman to reach her full potential.

It is one mission with two unique challenges :

1. Help creatives define their own success and understand that success is just that–however, you define it.

2. Provide a premium art experience and product befitting the special woman that is our client.

We have accepted the challenge with our resident artist and cultural worker, Melissa (Mel) at the helm: is a multimedia web-based platform and creative business coaching consultancy born out of Mel’s experience as a practicing artist and artpreneur over the past 10+ years and the practical coaching and training work that both sisters have honed through their on-going work with Agitate Media.

It offers artists and creative entrepreneurs alike the tools to define what success means to them by helping them to tackle specific issues of artpreneurship [Read: lean times,rejection, where to begin, and inspiration through other creatives’ paths] one guide at a time. is a premium email based service for women who like special items [READ: handcrafted, storied, well-designed, beautiful and functional, sometimes just beautiful, sometimes spiritual, sometimes personal, always comfortable and always exquisite…those kinda things] around them. It is a new way to present and experience art.


In 2013, Melissa released her first e-book, An Artpreneur’s Guide to Pigging Out. This short how-to guide on surviving the lean times of art-making and creative entrepreneurship was a hit with artists, entrepreneurs, and critics.

That short guide resonated with readers because it spoke directly to Mel’s truth; her real-life journey as an artist and artpreneur. Those very personal struggles are what the team will be using as inspiration to publish new guides to help artists and artpreneurs going forward through This adventure is one that we, as a team are so so so excited to take with artpreneurs! is a culmination of years of working toward creating an experience for our art retail client that truly empowers, inspires, and engages her to unlock the special in her life.