Masterful Magic Maker

MASTERFUL MAGIC MAKER Needed by Dynamic MANAGING Director Duo of Growing, Small Business Empire

Must Love Keeping Impeccable Records, Paying Attention to 
Detail, Talking to People, AND Organizing Other People’s 
Lives to the Point of Obsession!

MAM Squared Limited is looking for a Masterful Magic Maker [More-than-the- average-Administrative-Officer] to assist dynamic, driven, dedicated and totally demanding twin entrepreneurs who run a wildly successful (and rapidly growing) web-based business empire (comprised of six small companies, boasting eight brands) with on-the-ground operations in Brooklyn, New York and Trinidad & Tobago.

This is a subcontractor position at the moment. However, we’re only interested in talking with candidates who are open to growing with the company and becoming a full-time employee (potentially within the next six months).

You will be expected to effectively read our minds, anticipate our needs, and facilitate our dreams in the most basic ways. That means, you will:

  • keep us plied with business cards and other necessary personal and professional branding tools;
  • manage our schedules;
  • draft client, vendor and employee contracts;
  • take full charge of our project management system—monitor and track our progress on company initiatives;
  • review and edit all communications that go out on behalf of our company brands and that of our clients;
  • shape your job by adapting to our work style and developing new duties that you think will help our business empire run more smoothly;

and, SO much more!


          1. You are OBSESSED with order and detail. You love having a place for everything and everything in its place
          2. You are addicted to LEARNING and you always welcome feedback so that you can get better at what you do.
          3. You LOVE and are incredibly good at :

Working with little to no oversight
Setting your own schedule
Predicting next steps and anticipating other people’s needs
Handling clients/vendors/other employees with professionalism and stellar communication skills
Reading anything you can get your hands on, and providing feedback
Organizing someone else’s ideas into concrete plans

4. You are relatively TECH SAVVY and willing to at least attempt to solve tech problems when called upon.

5. You are HAPPY to clear a huge portion of your schedule to work on someone else’s businesses.

6. You are NOT interested in building your own business immediately. Working for someone else suits you just fine, thank you very much (for now and foreseeably, for the next two years or so).

7. One of your deepest desires is to be a part of something great and work with people on the rise.

8. You want a career where you can grow. You value mentorship, guidance and access to endless opportunities for growth!  [Training? Access to Influencers? More and More Responsibility and New Skills? Yes, Please!]


To Be Determined


        • Free access to all of our training courses. PRICELESS!
        • Free mentorship from not one, but TWO successful entrepreneurs. PRICELESS!
        • The most fun you have EVER had at work (and we did mention that most of the time you can work in your pajamas in your own home AND on your own time, right?!).


Can be located anywhere in the world, but candidates in Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. will be given huge preference (We’d love to huddle with you in our “war room”  while we go over this month’s project schedule and this week’s tasks).


                  1. We lack patience for slackers.
                  2. We enjoy helping people expand their skills.
                  3. We hate know-it-alls.
                  4. We work all hours of the day and night; Melissa’s most productive hours are 3 -11 a.m. (you read that correctly…A.M.) AND Michele is most productive from 8 p.m.- 4 a.m. (your eyes are not deceiving you!)
                  5. We don’t require you to work when we work, but we require timely responses (within 2 hours for urgent matters and within 16 hours for not-so-pressing matters).
                  6. We each have a unique set of skills and strengths and we expect you to figure them out pretty quickly.

READ MORE here, HERE, and Here!


                1. Read the MAM Squared Masterful Magic Maker Official Job Description.
                2. Read the MAM Squared Limited website carefully. Then, Agitate Media. Then, this, This and THIS!
                3. Write a compelling cover letter that tells us a story of how you relate to us and our story; how our paths might align; and what motivated you to apply for this job.
                4. Widdle your resume down to only the most relevant experience to the Masterful Magic Maker position (see job description attached).
                5. In a separate document, in list form, tell us how each of your work experiences, skills, and/or noted academic achievements fall in line with the qualities we have outlined above, i.e. 1. Manager of Policy Communications — required me to pay attention to detail, write and edit well as well as  work independently.

If helping us inspire, empower and engage the masses in our quest for world domination– for the greater good (of course) – sounds like your dream, send your cover letter & resume to AND (put Your First Name, Your Last Name followed by “Masterful Magic Maker” in the subject line). We can’t wait to hear from you!